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Freeze Dry Blueberry - Whole

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    Blueberries are a berry appreciated by many for their delicate flavour and beautiful blue colour. This small fruit is a superb source of various vitamins and minerals for good general health.

    From a nutritional standpoint, the blueberry has several valuable characteristics:

    • excellent source of antioxidants
    • contains a lot of fibre, which helps with digestion and appetite regulation
    • very high content of vitamins C and K
    • source of manganese
    • Low in calories

    At Zyo, we offer you high quality freeze-dried blueberries. No additives, artificial colours or flavours, just fruit! 

    The freeze-drying process increases the shelf life of foods by dehydrating them while preserving their nutritional benefits. Our freeze-dried products are a convenient and delicious addition to your diet.

    Easily liven up your dishes and beverages with freeze-dried blueberries. Try them in your favourite...

    • smoothies and juices
    • cocktails with or without alcohol
    • bowls of yogurt or oatmeal
    • cereals
    • pancakes and waffles
    • cakes, muffins, puddings, pies and cookies

    A big advantage of freeze-dried fruit is that it can be added to desserts without changing the texture. Putting fresh fruits in desserts can result in a soggy effect since they contain a lot of water. However, freeze-dried foods do not add moisture to preparations because they are fully dehydrated. They can therefore be added to your recipes without altering their beloved chewy texture.

    Ingredients: freeze-dried whole blueberries.

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